Gli Amici di’ Chianti  were born to keep the traditions of Florence alive,
with particular attention to the “world of wine” as one of the simple joys of life.








        The group has four members :
  Male singer, actor and “Stornello” singer (traditional improvised Tuscan verses)         Near looks... 
  Female singer, saxophonist and actress
  Male singer, accordion
Male singer, folk guitarist         come down...
  They wear traditional, early twentieth century Florentine costumes.  
What makes them different and particularly original is that their shows do not require electricity, so they can move anywhere, playing, entertaining and drawing people into chorus, songs, dances and jokes in the old Florentine tradition.

il Tour in Giappone                    il Tour in Slovenia

  vai a casa... le canzoni... la poesia... le recensioni...  
  l'allegria... i ricordi... il teatro... CD e gadget...  

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